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Hoty Enterprises was founded on the concept that over the long-term, real estate has the best return-to­-risk ratio of any investment opportunity.  For nearly 40 years, we have purchased investment real estate for our own portfolio, and helped individual investors and investment groups profitably identify and purchase quality real estate.

The combination of property appreciation, cash flow from operations and tax deferral allows real estate investors to build wealth in a variety of market conditions.  Additionally, the variety of available real estate investments allows investors to choose investments that meet their individual criteria.

Hoty Enterprises has successfully invested in a wide-variety of real estate, including: commercial and residential land, marinas, shopping centers, industrial, medical, office, apartments, entertainment, and government.  Our expertise in site selection, development, management, project financing, leasing and brokerage allows us to maximize the performance of our investment properties to the benefit of the investors.

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